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Glass Straight-Line Edging Machine


Glass straight line edging grinder is used to grind and polish straight edges for flat glass with different size and thickness. The machine integrates the operation process including rough grinding, precise grinding and polishing in one machine at the same time. Feeding speed and the operation speed can be altered as required. The front beam can be adjusted to fit varied thickness. The glass straight-line edging grinder has the advantage of high precise, easy operation and high efficiency.
Fushan Machinery is an ISO, CE accredited glass edging machine manufacturer in China.

Types and Application

The glass straight-line edging machine is suitable for processing bottom edges and corner angles of various flat glasses. There are three kinds of glass straight-line edging machine including 8 spindle glass edging machine, 9 spindle glass edging machine and 10 spindle glass edging machine. 8 spindle glass edging machine is the basic type of glass edging machine which can meet the basic polishing requirements; 9 spindle glass edging machine is the economic model, which is the ideal type for small and medium-sized enterprise; 10 spindle glass edging machine is our high-end product, which is twice as efficient as the other type.